Lisa Prince Nutrition & Weight Loss Expert

Introducing "Prince plans" - a hands-on way to lose weight and keep it off!


Custom Nutrition Plan

What Should I Eat?

Do you know what foods are nutritionally good for you, and what foods you should avoid at all costs?

Good things sometimes come in small packages. My Custom Nutrition Plan is designed for people who want to eat healthier, without signing up for any of the weight-loss Prince Plans.

Nutrition plays an extremely important role in healthy weight loss and fitness.  As a nutrition expert, I will analyze your nutritional needs and create a personalized meal plan that is designed just for you.

My focus is on nutritionally guided eating that includes joyful foods - foods that taste great! When you follow your Nutrition Meal Plan, you'll make better food choices and develop healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime!

Let's get started today!

Detailed nutrition information helps you eat healthier and make better choices at home and when dining out. 

Your Personal Meal Plan - $75